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On formytummy.com, I’ve talked about probiotics and prebiotics, fiber in the diet, brand names of products that are helpful, or not, and most of all, diet as a treatment for IBS.

But what is “Treatment for IBS” in an overall sense? You have a diagnosis of IBS, fine. Well, actually, not so fine! To get that diagnosis, you had symptoms. You would like one of two things:

  • to have the symptoms go away and never come back — A CURE, or if that is impossible
  • to have the symptoms calm down and let you live your life — A TREATMENT

As far as I know, no CURE for Irritable Bowel Syndrome, in the form of a pill that taken once, or twenty times, or monthly, or every day for life, exists or is in the medical pipeline. There are probably 200 to 500 different treatments for IBS advertised on web sites. There are television ads for products that seem to present a cure-all treatment for some irritable bowel syndrome symptoms. At best, they do NOT provide treatments for IBS. At worst, they can make things worse.

What Is Good Treatment for Irritable Bowel Syndrome (IBS)?

I am using the word “treatment” not in the medical sense, but in a practical sense. This practical sense involves step-by-step life-style change, dietary change, self-education, avoiding trigger foods, adding SOLUBLE fiber, taking one or the other of two specific probiotics.

I don’t get paid for writing this, or giving advice, in any way. I do recommend products I have used that have been helpful; there may be other such products in the same classification that will work, that I don’t know about, but I do believe following this regimen will improve uncomplicated irritable bowel syndrome.

Before we start - Definitions:
Fiber — does not mean Metamucil ™, despite what your doctor says. That’s partly because Metamucil has added flavors or sugar substitutes, and partly because it is too harsh to use from a standing start, for people with IBS.
Fiber — does mean either FiberSure ™ or Heather’s Organic Acacia Tummy Fiber ™, which use either soluble inulin or soluble material from the gum acacia tree.


  • You can expect to feel 70% better as you get your diet under control.
  • Add to that another 15% better for improving your use of soluble fiber.
  • Add to that another 10% better for adding one of the recommended probiotics. Yes, your doctor is right to hand you a sample of Align ™ and suggest you take it. No, she doesn’t know that Digestive Advantage IBS ™ is equally good, and costs about one-third as much. Nobody has done the research.
  • You could add about 5% for following various tricks of the trade, such as “Never eat on an empty stomach” to bring it up to 100% improvement.

To find out more about these recommended changes to improve IBS, on this web site, start with the header, and read the IBS Triggers link, and then the IBS DIET material. These two sections will get you started on the diet.

And to make the diet work, follow these 7 principles:

I will soon add a post that indexes blog posts on the other elements of IBS treatment that I mention above.