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Thanks to Darlene, who wrote in a comment that she had found Align on the Costco website, for $24.99. The hitch is that they require you to purchase two packages at once. They also tack on a 5% surcharge for non-members. Then the shipping charge for standard shipping is 8.50. Here’s the total:

2 @ 24.99 = $49.98
Shipping & Handling: $8.50
Non-Member Surcharge:$2.50
Order Total: $60.98

Using the AlignGI.com web site to order, and supplying the ALIGNWOM Promo Code, cuts the price from $29.99 on the web site, to $24.99, with free shipping — but no shipping options.

The Costco option is listed on the AlignGI web site, as are some others. The Amazon option is not particularly great, unless you have an Amazon gift certificate — no free shipping, for example.

Also, their website gives explicit ordering instructions that you can take to your pharmacist. If the pharmacy is across the street, as mine is, that’s the simplest.

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  1. 1 Marcia

    I have IBS and wondering is Citrucel the same as Fibersure? How often should I take it? What about Digestive Advantage, can that be taken with Citrucel?

    Also, what breads, snacks, foods do you eat, I am trying to eat better so my IBS gets better.
    Love your blog,

  2. 2 Tummyblogger


    Thanks for your comment, and the compliment.

    This is from Wikipedia, on the “Smart Fiber” ingredient in Citrucel ™. The Citrucel web site says that “Smart Fiber” is methylcellulose. Wikipedia says the following, in its entry on methylcellulose:

    en.wikipedia.com, 9/5/08

    Methylcellulose does not occur naturally and is synthetically produced by heating cellulose with caustic solution (e.g. a solution of sodium hydroxide) and treating it with methyl chloride.

    The main ingredient in FiberSure is inulin, which is an SFS (Soluble Fiber Supplement) made from chicory root. Another SFS is Guar Gum, a very fast acting SFS — it used to be the main ingredient in Benefiber. Benefiber is not made with a recommended SFS any more.

    See all the articles on this blog about fiber, for more information.

    I started For My Tummy because as I worked out what to eat, I wanted to wria good te it down for my sister, who said she had IBS, too. After a couple of months of posting snacks and foods, I moved on. Some of those old posts, and some newer ones, too, are indexed in the two categories IBS Diet, and IBS Food. Also see the “Triggers” page (across the top).

    I don’t eat any bread. I have been on a calorie restricted/carb restricted diet for several months, to lose weight. On bread, you need to stop eating “whole” anything, and read the labels. Often the second ingredient is “high-fructose corn-syrup.” That does me in every time. Sourdough bread is generally a fairly safe choice.

    I have various food choices peppered all over the web site. Look up across the top, to the Amazon, and Window Shopping, tabs. There are some foods shown there that helpful. Soy and rice and almond milks are generally better than cows’ milk; get ones that do not use any sweeteners except cane sugar, or the fancy name for cane sugar, “evaporated cane juice.”

    Bananas are good snack when you are trying to get IBS under control. No other fruit at first — no apples or oranges or orange juice. Pure apple juice, but watered down, may be okay.

    Those are some starters.

    All the best,

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