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When I first learned of the Digestive Advantage TM offers for their IBS product, they seemed difficult to use and to claim. As a result, I didn’t make the offers widely known. Tonight I checked their web site in order to verify something I wrote in response to a commenter’s question about “natural probiotics.” The information about Free Samples and the Coupon is highlighted in contrasting colors at this URI: http://www.digestiveadvantage.com/prod_ibs.html#ingredients

For the free eight-day sample, you fill out your name, address, and email, with some additional information. I left off my age, and the form did not object in bright red letters, as so often happens. The “thank you” response says it will take two to four weeks for you to receive your free sample. The sample, an eight-day supply, is usually enough to decide whether DA-IBS is worthwhile.

I will report, once I receive it, on what form the sample takes–whether it’s the chewable tablets with Splenda tm or the generally “trigger”-free capsules.

On the other hand, the coupon, I would have said without checking, is available immediately, at least immediately after filling out another form, that only asks name, email, email confirmation, and “daytime phone number.” This last is marked in red, as an essential question. Since I work at home, it was okay to fill in my daytime phone number, but I can think of a lot of situations where giving your *real* daytime phone number is not worth the $1.50 coupon!

In my case, the coupon is available immediately but not yet, since I use the Firefox browser. There is a software download, which is fast enough, but then the software seemed to have a problem with my default printer–my only printer. The message told me that my default (only) printer wasn’t recognized or wouldn’t work with the software I had just downloaded. The instruction told me to right click on the “printers & fax machines” choice for default printer, and that didn’t seem to work either. Eventually, though, I got the message that I had to close the browser I was using, Mozilla Firefox. I took a chance, and just opened another browser, Internet Explorer 7, without closing out all the open tabs in Firefox. It worked.

This time the software downloaded perfectly and started up right away. After I signed the software agreement, it went right to work and printed out one coupon.

Bottom line: Use Internet Explorer 7, and think about what phone number you want to give.

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  1. 1 Dovid

    I actually work for the company that makes Digestive Advantage IBS, Ganeden Biotech. After reading your post that spoke about having to provide a phone number to receive a coupon, I rethought this form and decided to remove the phone number field. I’ve also contacted our online coupon provider to see if they support Firefox browser.

    Thank you so much for your open, honest feedback.

    If you, or any of your readers, have any questions about the product whatsoever, please email me at drotshtein@ganedenbiotech.com.

    All the best,


  2. 2 tummyblogger

    Dear Dovid Rotshtein,

    I’m delighted to hear from you, and thank you for your response to my post.
    If there were a prominent note that the coupon printer uses IE–version whatever, I would have no problem
    with that.

    There are some recent comments on ForMyTummy that mention Digestive Advantage-IBS, with various suppositions about your product. The search function *should* take you to them.

    Thanks for your comments and email address for anyone who has questions.

    All the best,

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